Ronnie's Dance Studio - 393 Maxim Drive, Hopatcong, NJ 07843
No contracts to sign, no membership fees... Open to Everyone!
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973-234-5234 studio;
973-527-5664 cell

Dancing with Scarves:    This is NOT a belly dance class, nor is it an exotic dance
class.   It has become super popular because it is done to ALL kinds of music and is a
great aerobic workout all by itself, but you'll be holding a 24" square scarf in each hand....
now that's adding an extra layer of toning to your upper body as well as dancing through
easy moves.   No previous experience necessary.

Hips, Butts, & Guts:    This is a variety class with various music and forms of aerobic
exercises.   We will do a warm up at the beginning and a cool down at the end, and in
between we will do some fast aerobics, some toning and tightening exercises, and we will
very often using toning sticks or scarves to target certain body areas, but you WILL get a
good workout and you WILL dance your butt off and flatten your tummy, and loosen up
those hips.

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